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5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Stay Warm All Winter


There’s really nothing better than cozying up with a loved one in front of a crackling fire. At Clean Sweep, we want you to experience that feeling all winter long. To get the most use out of your fireplace, however, it helps to keep a few things in mind – especially if you’re trying to save energy during these cold months.

If you’ve chosen firewood over the thermostat, then you’re already saving energy. The following tips from Clean Sweep and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will help you get even more out of your fireplace this winter.

(1) Dry and Store Firewood Properly

The EPA recommends that you only burn firewood that is properly dried and seasoned. The simple reason? Wet wood creates more smoke. The best way to store wood so it doesn’t soak up moisture is to stack it somewhere off of the ground. Then, cover the wood with a tarp to protect it from wet weather. If you’re burning softwoods, store them for a minimum of six months. Hardwoods should be stored for a year. Purchasing firewood is a reliable way to burn quality wood, too.

(2) Buy Local

The EPA also suggests that you purchase dry, seasoned firewood from a seller in your area. This not only cuts down on the proverbial carbon footprint, it also ensures that you are following any applicable local ordinances. Plus, it’s neighborly and convenient.

(3) Clean Your Fireplace Often and Watch What You Burn

We always encourage our customers to remove ashes from their fireplace regularly. This helps maintain proper airflow while keeping families safe. The EPA also warns to never burn cardboard, plastics, painted or treated lumber, or garbage. These items not only damage your fireplace or wood-burning stove, they can also cause health issues. You don’t want to breathe in the chemicals these items can emit when burned.

(4) Allow Warm Air to Circulate

Your home will be more comfortable if you help warm air spread effectively. You can do this, first, by making sure your house is well insulated, particularly around doors and windows. Installing a ceiling fan can also help you circulate air efficiently. Run your ceiling fan counterclockwise to redirect hot air trapped near the ceiling. This will keep warm air flowing through your living space.

(5) Keep Your Fireplace Well-Maintained

It’s important to have your fireplace and chimney inspected annually. As professional, full-service chimney sweeps, we can check your fireplace for cracks or creosote build-up. Keeping your fireplace or wood-burning stove clean and well-maintained will ensure that you have a good warm draft all winter. It will also reduce the chance of chimney fires and keep your family safe.

If you have a concern about your fireplace this winter, let one of our technicians know. We’re committed to keeping you safe and warm all season long.