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COVID-19 Update


We at Clean Sweep are open for business as usual, providing the best chimney service available. We are taking the recommendations of the CDC very seriously to protect your health and the health of our valued employees.

We understand these are trying times for all of us and we think of our customers and future customers as family. Like family, we go out of our way to protect each other. We constantly are looking for ways to protect our you, your home and our great employees.

We don’t talk about the details of what we do, however it is very dangerous work and involves many risks. Everything we do from air control while sweeping a chimney, dust control while tuck-pointing to wood stove pipe removal all involves materials that are toxic and can be a hazard.

We exceed OSHA guidelines in providing equipment for our employee protection which in turn protects you, your home and the environment. Our dust control HEPA vacuums provide your home with a filtering system that filters 99.97 % of debris articles down to 0.3 % and is as good as it gets in the world of dust control. We also will be washing our runners and drop cloths each day and wiping the vacs down after each job.

Normally we encounter people with colds, the flu and many other ailments. We also are always welcoming of a handshake or even a hug from many. However, during these times, we will be instructing our employees to adhere to the guidelines set up by the CDC. Please do not be offended if we keep our distance or not shake your hand. Additionally, we ask if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms of this virus to not schedule or please re-book your appointment until you are symptom free. Yes, we know it’s the beginning of allergy season in St. Louis and we understand a stuffy nose and watery eyes.

As new information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and recommendations become available we will adapt swiftly and as recommended. This virus is real, however, fear is a real issue as well. Fear should not become the enemy and we hope everyone can stay positive during these trying times. Daily life must go on and we will continue to stay positive, knowing that this is only a challenge that we are not alone in our great world.

Thank you for your support. -The Clean Sweep Team