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Professional Chimney Masonry Repair Near Me


The need for chimney masonry repair is common among homeowners with a fireplace and chimney system. There are a number of potential reasons that you may find yourself doing an online search for “professional chimney masonry repair near me.” The important things to understand are that you save money by keeping up with chimney maintenance and by hiring chimney experts like the trained technicians at Clean Sweep Chimney Service.

How to Repair Masonry

The need for masonry repair usually occurs because of moisture intrusion. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways moisture can get in. Repair may be needed because of cracks in the masonry caused by the shifting of the home foundation or the footing underneath the chimney and fireplace system. Chimney repairs are frequently made because of deteriorating mortar. When the type of chimney repair you need involves mortar replacement, a procedure called tuckpointing can be used.

What is Tuckpointing?

Masonry is protected from moisture when all the components of the chimney system are working as they are supposed to. Mortar is a part of that protective system, and if you catch mortar damage early, you can hire chimney sweep experts to use the tuckpointing method for masonry repair.

Tuckpointing is only appropriate if the bricks have not already been infiltrated by moisture because of damaged mortar. During the tuckpointing procedure, the old mortar is scraped out. Next, new mortar is added skillfully so that the chimney has a consistent appearance all around. This method of masonry repair restores the structural integrity of the chimney system.

Partial and Complete Masonry Rebuilds

If masonry repair is needed because the masonry has been infiltrated by water, the affected bricks must be replaced. The reason it is necessary to tear out the old bricks that have moisture in them and replace them has to do with the winter season. Whenever there are freeze-and-thaw cycles in winter, the water inside the masonry expands and contracts, causing movement in the masonry, as well. The masonry is in the process of breaking down, and there is no way to reverse the process.

Needed masonry chimney repair may involve a partial teardown and rebuild of the chimney or a complete teardown and rebuild. It is essential to hire the professionals who know how to repair masonry on chimneys, those being chimney sweep experts. In other words, basic brick masons don't always have training and experience building chimneys with the understanding of the types of supplies needed and how the system operates.

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Chimney sweep experts at Clean Sweep Chimney Service in St. Charles MO are experienced, qualified, and trusted by loyal customers throughout the service area. If you need chimney masonry repair, contact us today. We also provide chimney inspections, which are recommended annually by all leading fire safety experts. Scheduling annual chimney inspections is the best way to keep your chimney system maintained and to avoid the added expense that comes with major chimney masonry repairs. Contact us by calling 636-477-9966.