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Importance of Booking a Chimney Maintenance Appointment Before Fall Arrives


Throughout the county, millions of homeowners rely on heat supply from wood stoves, fireplaces, and other fossil-fuel heating devices to keep their family warm and cozy during the harsh winter months. Your chimney is a structure that offers ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from a stove, boiler, fireplace, or furnace, and needs regular maintenance to keep functioning optimally. Getting your chimney maintained right before fall arrives is an excellent course of action since it brings along the following advantages:

  • Clean any debris from your chimney that could block harmful smoke from entering your home. The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America reports that there are over 200 carbon monoxide poisoning deaths every year. Branches, dead leaves are common culprits, but birds and animals also often use chimneys as a home, bringing in nesting materials and other unwanted stuff. Getting chimney maintenance will keep your vent clean and risk-free, and also improve the efficiency of your fireplace and other heating appliances in a way that warm air stays inside and the toxic fumes stay outside.
  • Get rid of creosote, which is a toxic and dangerous by-product of burning fires and can quickly spread to the rest of your home during fires, and, in strong fires, can become ablaze and spread further. Each year, creosote contributes to thousands of house fires. In addition to that, it can prevent proper ventilation and cause the harmful fumes to enter the home, which can eventually prove to be deadly.
  • Ensure that your chimney is in optimum working condition and free of excessive wear. If damaged significantly, water from rain and storms can absorb straight into your home, damaging walls and result in the formation of mold. In addition to that, cracks in your chimney will also enable noxious smoke into your home.
  • Prevents costly repairs in the future - A wood-powered fireplace can reach temperatures of 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby creating ashes, wood bits, soot, and other particles that are by-products of the combustion process that can coat the damper, flue liner, masonry and smoke shelf with contaminants, grime, and dirt. Professional chimney cleaning assists in reducing damage on these components so you can then prevent costly chimney repairs in the future. In addition, proper chimney maintenance can help unleash potential problems before they worsen and become more stressful as well as expensive.

Don't be among those careless homeowners who undermine the significance of regular chimney maintenance. Give Clean Sweep a call today, and we will then send a team of licensed and experienced cleaning crew to assess the damage (if any) and determine whether your chimney is in need of repairs, replacement or just good old maintenance. Get your fireplace ready and working optimally before the chilly days of fall arrive.