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Fireplace Cleanout Door St. Louis

Your fireplace is made up of a number of important parts that you may not be able to see easily. The crackling fire you enjoy is made possible by a couple of hidden components that keep air flowing in, and soot and ash out of your home. One such component is the fireplace cleanout door, which is the access panel to a portion of the fireplace known as the ash pit.

The most common issue we see with cleanout doors is when they fail or fall off. They can be prone to rotting away because the ash holds moisture and the door and frame rust. Deterioration can also happen due to carbon monoxide spillage from near the furnace, or if hot embers caught stuff that was stored along the side of the furnace on fire.

For this reason, we recommend getting a new door installed if your old one is failing! They are available in stainless steel , masonry, and cast metal. We can help determine which is best for your home!

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