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Coziest Winter Fireplace Design Ideas


Winter is just round the corner and most of you must be looking to restyle the fireplace to warm up your living area. Not only will it upgrade the overall décor of your room, but also allow you to make the most of your fire place in chilling temperatures.

For most of us winter is all about snuggling up to the fireplace, but sometimes the layout of our rooms makes it difficult to enjoy the cozy warmth. It may be the accent chair or cumbersome furniture next to the hearth that does not only make everything look odd, but also blocks the heat.

Hence, restyling your fireplace is as importing as decorating any other part of your house, particularly in the winter.

Although it is the beginning of festive season, it does not mean that you can only opt for festive décors. There are several elegant fireplace designs you can use to spruce up your home décor.

We have you covered if you do not know how to go about it.

Creative Fireplace Designs

Graphic and Modern

There is no denying that fireplace does not only warm your transitional sitting space, but can also be cozy and inviting if designed strategically. Graphic and modern represent a perfect combination of Scandinavian style. Evoking a classy look, this innovative fireplace design creates an all-pallid minimalistic display.

You can paint it with white color and decorate silver candlesticks. Place a geometric mirror with Mongolian vase and rein deer above the fireplace to complement the color scheme. You can drab over a rug in front of it to add coziness and warmth.

Sparkling Neutrals

The blended hues of green color with brown and silver shades make this fire place design quintessential for winters. Simple yet vibrant, the sparkling neutral can add life to your dull home décor. The peace banners and cedar topiaries (optional) can be designed from glittered material to give your hearth a perfect look.

The interesting thing about this display is that it can be used in all seasons. To add a sparkling accent, you can put candleholder and mercury-glass vases.

Natural Winter Display

Winter does not always have to be evergreens and pinecones. Break the norm with this elegant natural fireplace design and decorate it with some antique confit pots and brass candlesticks. The imperfections of these materials are what make your home décor look perfect by adding earthy warmth to it.

Natural and Simple

This is one is the easiest fireplace design to spruce up your home décor. It uses natural and simple elements to dress up your fireplace. Take old pots and paint them in metallic color to add shine. Use glitters to highlight pinecones of wood. Adding lantern and candles (optional) can increase a warm glow in the room; plus, it will be great to maintain the temperature in cold nights.

Bottom Line

Overall, sprucing up your fireplace is not difficult if you design them with creativity. Use vintage bottles, lanterns, glitters and various textural elements to give your fireplace design a homey yet professional touch.