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Questions to Consider when Building a Outdoor Fireplace


If you are planning to have an outdoor fireplace built? Taking the time to consider various options and benefits upfront is a way to ensure that your home improvement is a success. In the St. Louis, Missouri, area, contact Clean Sweep Chimney Service, where our chimney experts are also excellent masons. We work with homeowners in the planning stages of building a new fireplace, and we have found that the following are some good questions to consider at the beginning of the process.

What is your Reason for Building an Outdoor Fireplace?

The design, layout, size, location, and style of an outdoor fireplace depends on what your primary purpose is for building it. The following are some of the possibilities:
  • The fireplace will be part of an enclosed or open-air outdoor living area.
  • The outdoor fireplace is to be a stand-alone feature meant for cozy seating and enjoyment outside when the weather is cold.
  • An outdoor kitchen is the primary goal, including an outdoor fireplace.
  • You want a fireplace with a chimney crane that allows you to hang pots on it and cook or simmer food over the flames.
  • You want a two-sided fireplace for entertaining large groups.

You plan to sell your home and want a great outdoor feature to boost buyer interest. Outdoor living areas with fireplaces are typically much sought after among buyers.

Should You Choose a Wood-Fueled or Gas-Fueled Fireplace?

One of the most important decisions you will make about building an outdoor fireplace is whether it will burn gas or wood. There are distinct advantages to each, and it all depends on your needs and personal preferences.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace

You may be compelled to choose natural gas because of wood-burning restrictions in your area. Gas fireplaces are safe alternatives for fires because no embers are emitted and no ashes produced. A chimney is unnecessary when you opt for a vent-free outdoor gas fireplace. A gas line is needed, however, which sometimes limits options for where to place an outdoor fireplace. The convenience of gas fireplaces is unbeatable.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

The ambiance of burning wood, hearing the popping and crackling fire, and smelling the woodsy aroma is what it’s all about for many homeowners. The rustic charm of an outdoor wood-burning fireplace continually makes these heating appliances a favorite home feature. You have more freedom as far as the positioning of the fireplace, though local regulations and building codes must followed.

What Type of Design is Best for your Outdoor Fireplace?

The primary guiding principle when designing any outdoor feature is to consider the aesthetics of the home and the outdoor area. Do you want to create a design contrast with your home? If not, stick with its exterior style, such as contemporary or traditional. You can have an outdoor brick fireplace, an outdoor stone fireplace opt for stucco.

What Type of Maintenance Does an Outdoor Fireplace Require?

For safety purposes, all chimneys need to be inspected annually and cleaned regularly. A dirty chimney can become obstructed and result in a hazardous chimney fire that becomes an uncontrolled fire that can spread to the surrounding area. Ashes need to be cleaned out of wood-burning fireplaces before they build up and prevent air from getting to fires. Fireplace ashes need to be handled with special care. Many dangerous house fires have started because ashes were handled carelessly.

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