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Why Chimney Pros for Chimney and Fireplace Masonry Work?


Chimney masonry construction for outdoor fireplaces is a job for professionals trained and experienced in venting systems as well as masonry work. Certified chimney sweeps know the requirements for chimney crowns, flues, and overall chimney operation, and they also operate as masonry contractors. Masons do tremendous work, but few also have qualifications for fireplaces to match those of chimney sweeps.

It’s a great idea to make outdoor masonry fireplace plans for your backyard living space. Backyard fireplaces boost home value plus you can enjoy outside fun with your family and friends more often. And now you know who to call for the masonry work.

Is Chimney Sweep Experience Really Important for Fireplace Masonry Contractors?

Some of the most common problems addressed by chimney sweeps in their everyday work are the result of faulty construction of various chimney components. Chimney sweeps from all areas of the nation can swap stories in which the same problems arise when masonry contractors with no chimney training do the work. The following are a few examples.

Chimney Crowns

Masonry contractors with no chimney experience have often used the wrong material for constructing chimney crowns. In decades past, brick masons used mortar for countless chimney crowns in the U.S. Chimney crowns are subjected to extremely harsh weather conditions as they are at the very top of the chimney. Mortar is not a strong enough material to be used for that purpose and, therefore, chimney crowns constructed with mortar quickly deteriorate. Precast concrete is an example of the proper materials chimney sweeps use to build or rebuild chimney crowns.

Chimney Flashing

When chimney masonry work is done that involves installing chimney flashing, hiring a chimney sweep for the job is essential. It is sometimes difficult even for chimney experts to install chimney flashing correctly. The work is intricate and problematic and yet it is essential to prevent deterioration of bricks due to moisture intrusion.

Smoke Chamber

A common cause of smoky fireplaces is faulty work done by masonry contractors lacking appropriate training. Specific formulas are used to ensure that chimneys work properly. When the person handling masonry construction is unfamiliar with those dimensions and formulas, the outcome is unsatisfactory.

Outdoor Masonry Fireplace Plans Done Right

Even with an outdoor unit, a smoky fireplace is unacceptable. Make sure that the elaborate outdoor masonry fireplace plans you’ve made for your backyard living space are not sabotaged by poor masonry work. Contact your trusted chimney sweep company for your outdoor masonry fireplace, chimney masonry repair, chimney liner repair, and all other chimney masonry work that may be needed.

Contact Clean Sweep Chimney Service

At Clean Sweep Chimney Service, our chimney technicians are CSIA-certified and qualified as masonry contractors. For masonry work on a chimney or if you need masonry construction for outdoor masonry fireplace plans, entrust the job to our qualified chimney sweeps who are also experienced in masonry rebuilds and masonry repair. Clean Sweep Chimney Service has provided trusted chimney and fireplace masonry work to the St. Louis MO area for decades. Contact us today at 636-477-9966.