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4 Reasons to Schedule Chimney Cleaning for Winter


Few need reminders about the pleasures of a fireplace in winter, but the word apparently needs to get out about the dangers of dirty chimneys. Thousands of home fires occur every year because homeowners did not schedule chimney cleaning for winter. Fire safety experts at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend annual chimney cleaning to help avoid winter disasters resulting from chimney fires. Annual chimney cleaning has several benefits. Learn more below.

1-Avoid a Destructive House Fire

Safety should always be number one when using a solid fuel heating appliance such as a wood-burning fireplace. The nature of a wood fire in itself creates a threat of chimney fires. This is because the combustion fumes deposit creosote, a combustible substance, inside the chimney flue. Floating embers can easily ignite creosote, which starts chimney fires.

If chimney cleaning is not scheduled routinely, creosote continues to build up in the flue lining, layer upon layer. A chimney coated with creosote can relentlessly fuel a chimney fire. Even small chimney fires typically cause some level of destruction. When there is an abundance of creosote inside the chimney, chimney fires have the potential to easily spread into the home. Not only does the home suffer extensive damage, but the lives of occupants inside the home are at risk.

2-Improve Home Heating Efficiency

When chimney drafts operate as they should, fireplaces are more efficient and provide more heat to the home. This smooth operation is disrupted if the chimney is obstructed.

Blockage in a chimney flue is usually caused by creosote. However, if a chimney cap with mesh is not installed over the flue, obstructions can also be caused by animals, animal activity, and debris such as leaves and twigs. Squirrels, raccoons, snakes, rodents, birds, and bats are among the creatures found inside chimneys. Certain types of birds known as chimney swifts build their nests in hollow trees or, in the alternative, inside chimneys. Because they are federally protected birds, homeowners must wait out the season rather than having the creatures and their nests removed immediately from their chimneys.

Another effect of a chimney obstruction is back puffing. In other words, toxic combustion fumes enter the home instead of going outdoors.

3-Avoid Exposure to Carbon Monoxide

A smoky fireplace is inefficient but also potentially dangerous. Carbon monoxide is among the toxic gases produced by wood fires. Known as The Silent Killer, carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, invisible, and symptomless. 

4-Ensure Fire Insurance Coverage 

Up-to-date coverage for a home fire is not always in effect and that’s because homeowners have a responsibility. When a homeowner neglects chimney cleaning and a destructive house fire occurs, the insurance company often has the right to deny the claim. To avoid the possibility of this devastating expense, schedule chimney cleaning without delay. 

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