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Why Summer Chimney Maintenance Should be a Yearly Tradition


In summer, many of us have fun in the sun on our minds but conscientious chimney sweeps are hoping to stay busy providing summer chimney maintenance. Chimney experts know first-hand how vulnerable chimneys are to deterioration. Leading fire safety experts are also aware, and they recommend chimney inspections in summer, as well. There are several great reasons to make summer chimney maintenance an annual tradition, including those that follow.

A Need for an Annual Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is among the fire safety pros who recommend scheduling an inspection for every chimney every year. Even if the chimney is not in use and won't be in the future, an annual inspection is needed. Safety and protecting your home from major damage are the two major reasons an inspection is crucial.

To schedule an inspection, contact a proven chimney sweep company like Clean Sweep Chimney Service in St. Louis MO. During a professional chimney inspection, the experience and training of the chimney sweep makes all the difference. The chimney technician will check for flue blockages, creosote buildup, cracked masonry, deteriorating masonry, signs of chimney leaks, and other issues that could result in costly damage, an increased risk of a house fire, or potentially deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Chimney cleaning is also important if you have a wood-burning appliance. Creosote deposits are left behind in the chimney flue every time you light a fire. Without regular cleaning, the creosote can cause a range of dangerous and costly problems. The most dangerous aspect of dirty chimneys is that they increase the risk of chimney fires. Most chimney fires cause some type of structural damage, and many lead to house fires.

Moisture is a Persistent Problem

Enemy number one for chimneys is moisture. Keeping moisture out is really a challenge because protective components are prone to deteriorate. For instance, if a chimney crown develops cracks, which is very common, the masonry it was protecting becomes vulnerable to moisture. Damaged flashing, deteriorating mortar, and cracks in the masonry all expose the chimney to devastating moisture intrusion.

The reason moisture is such a big problem is because of the freezing and thawing cycles of winter. During and after winter freezes, the moisture inside bricks expands and contracts. The movement has an irreversibly destructive effect on the masonry. Any bricks containing moisture that are not removed will eventually collapse. Leaning chimneys are evidence of this problem. 

Taking care of chimney maintenance in summer means that any masonry repair needed can be performed when the weather is optimal for replacement masonry to set properly. It is much more expensive to repair chimneys in winter because of additional steps involved in performing the work satisfactorily. Even when winter repairs are done in the best way possible, the work will deteriorate more quickly than the same work performed in summer.

Contact Clean Sweep Chimney Service

A local service founded in the 1970s, Clean Sweep Chimney Service offers comprehensive chimney services, including chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, and flue replacement. Get on board with a routine of scheduling summer chimney maintenance to minimize repair costs, optimize the operation of your fireplace, and enjoy peace of mind that you are ready for the coming winter. Taking care of business economically could even enhance your enjoyment of the summertime, same as it would for the chimney sweeps who do the work. Call us at 636-477-9966 today.