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Other Services

We're committed to the health and safety of your chimney — that's why in addition to offering a wide range of chimney and fireplace services, we also provide many other solutions to help you
around the house.

Here are the other services we provide:

Obstructions removed

If there is a blockage in your chimney, we can remove it. This is caused by a variety factors, including the buildup of creosote over time, animals who have built nests inside your chimney, or tree and leaf parts that have accumulated from the wind. Blockages are a common cause of draft problems, which lead to smoke from your fireplace becoming trapped. Instead of exiting out your chimney, it accumulates and instead backs up and into your home.

Safety Inspections

A safety inspection is a great idea if you're buying an existing home, or if you just haven't had your chimney checked out in awhile. We are certified by the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) and can check your chimney and fireplace for any potential problems.

Firebox and damper repair

As smoke, heat, and flames come into contact with your fireplace damper, it deteriorates over time, becoming less effective. Sometimes this can cause the damper to have problems closing. If this is the case, or if your firebox seems to have deteriorated, give us a call—we can get it fixed!

Heatshields installed

A heat shield helps protect the masonry inside your firebox from damage caused by flames, as well as making your home more comfortable, and efficient! This is thanks to the reflective quality of the shield, which can help reflect up to 30% more heat into your home.

Solid fuel safety products

Need an easier way to get the flame going? We sell solid fuel safety products that are nontoxic and non-explosive, which can aid in generating heat for your firewood.

Safety presentations

We provide safety presentations for those who are looking for education and best practices on their chimney and fireplace. Schedule one for your family, your group, or your business!

Negative pressure correction

Many smoking problems that occur with fireplaces are due to pressure differences. This is caused when the air pressure in the home is less than the air pressure outside the home (generally due to large temperature differences). Many appliances in your home are pushing air out, such as fans and dryers. When this happens, no air can get in, and thus your fireplace will smoke.

We can help you find solutions to correct this negative pressure, and to allow your house "to breathe" so that your fireplace will run smoothly!

Dryer vent cleaning

Every time you do laundry, dust and lint accumulate in your dryer vents. Because this material is flammable, we recommend getting them cleaned annually to help prevent fires that may be caused from static electricity. Read more about our vent cleaning services.

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