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Why Annual Fireplace Cleaning is so Important


Dirty chimneys cause thousands of house fires every year, and that may partly explain why fire safety experts say annual fireplace cleaning is so important. The National Fireplace Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual chimney inspections and cleaning, which includes fireplace cleaning. When it comes to gas fireplaces, annual cleaning and inspections should be performed by CSIA-certified chimney sweeps like those at Clean Sweep Chimney Service in St. Louis MO. Certification means they have expertise in cleaning gas logs and more intricate components of gas fireplaces. Annual fireplace and chimney cleaning are essential for wood-burning fireplaces, too.

Gas Fireplace Cleaning

Less maintenance is required for gas fireplaces as compared to wood-burning fireplaces, but annual gas fireplace cleaning is necessary for safety. Schedule gas fireplace services with a qualified chimney sweep to ensure the safe and uninterrupted use of your gas heating appliance in winter. Annual maintenance and cleaning also help to prevent carbon monoxide exposure. 

The pilot light and gas supply are turned off and the fireplace is cool before annual gas fireplace cleaning begins. Gas line components and the pilot light are cleaned with a cloth. The decorative components, such as the gas logs, are thoroughly dusted and grime is removed. Burners are checked for blockage, which is commonly caused by dust, spiders, and pet dander. Blockage leads to poor ventilation, which can result in potential exposure to deadly carbon monoxide. Chimney sweeps have vacuums made especially for fireplaces, which helps the chore to be done more thoroughly.

Technical aspects of gas fireplace cleaning involve checking wiring and gaskets. The thermocouple needs cleaning with a soft cloth to remove any soot buildup. To avoid damaging or scratching the thermocouple, such course materials as wire brushes are not used. The ignition of burners is checked before annual inspections are completed. Burner ignition should be quick and complete. Otherwise, gas fireplace repair is needed. 

The fireplace glass should be cleaned at least annually because a cloudy film layer can develop as soot accumulates. The glass assembly is checked during annual fireplace cleaning to be sure the glass hasn’t lost strength and won’t be prone to break during heating or cooling cycles. The firebox is checked for rust and other possible signs of wear and tear.

Why Annual Fireplace Cleaning is so Important for Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces don’t have the technical aspects of a gas fireplace, but annual cleaning is just as important. Ash removal is more like a daily or weekly chore, depending on how frequently the fireplace is used. Too much ash in the firebox can result in sluggish, inefficient fires due to a lack of air. During annual fireplace cleaning, all ashes should be removed, and the firebox should get a good scrubbing. The firebricks should be checked for any gaps or cracks that need to be repaired.

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Contact Clean Sweep Chimney Service for annual fireplace cleaning. Our chimney sweeps are CSIA-Certified. They have training, experience, and professionalism you can trust. From the 1970s through today, we have provided residents in the St. Louis MO area with reliable chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, masonry repair, and all other chimney services. Call us today at 636-477-9966 for chimney and fireplace cleaning services.